The Corporate Board

After the pandemic, most of the organizations are feeling the pressure to get out ahead of challenges and criticism by examining and adjusting the character of their boards. This makes 2021 a great time for business leaders interested in joining corporate boards—including professionals from non-traditional backgrounds—to make the jump into one of these high-profile roles.

Traditionally, the board of directors is recruited nearly exclusively from the ranks of current or retired CEOs, CFOs or existing board members. Now, several trends are converging to make board membership accessible to a wider range of leaders from various functions ever, increasing the chances for business leaders who haven’t served in the C-suite.

The Corporate Board gathers variety of experiences and perspectives at the table allows companies to better understand opportunities, anticipate challenges, and assess the various risks, consequences and implications of possible actions. C-Suite Leaders can use these findings to their advantage, speed up the change in the business world forcing leadership to bring in new perspectives.

If you’re considering seeking a DIRECTORSHIP, I encourage you to think as strategically about your board aspirations as you do about your overall career goals. Drawing on those experiences, I believe as a prospective board member, you should keep in mind a handful of considerations as you move through the decision-making process to enhance your chances of landing a board position and providing meaningful contributions when you do.

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