Our offering includes(Only For Gold and Premium Membership)

1.Insight opinions which help in improved decision making:

We bring together the various research reports, surveys from various research organisation to keep members updated on the current business and economic issues. These reports address issues both at national as well as at international level.

2.New Ideas that works:

It's always difficult to be alone in top. That is really the essence of the group where members can talk with one another and bounce ideas off each other in a non-threatening and confidential environment. The objective is to help members' make their businesses more efficient and improve their personal life simultaneously.

3.Maximising the performance:

Through partnering with various corporate bodies , association and academic institutions and universities, and knowledge partners, we endeavours to advance the learning of its members and make them more efficient in dealing with the challenges of life which accompany the growth in business and maximise their performance.

4.Timely Advice from the Board on request:

We believe in enabling leadership-both through conducting leadership programs for themselves as well as passing their knowledge to the upcoming entrepreneurs through Mentoring and Coaching Programs. You can approach the board for the mentoring or coaching session for guidance for further running or expansion of the business.

5.Peer to Peer Learning:

These sector specific groups very effectively brainstorm among themselves and with experts on the critical issues faced by members' of that particular group. We believe that, among the conducive factors that go into the healthy and organic development of the Industry, are networking and interactions among organizations in a frank and transparent manner. Business challenges have changed a great deal and are more demanding than they used to be. The value of a strong peer network has only become more important. While benchmarking, industry insights, and “best practices. all help shape strategic decisions, a real understanding of how these apply in a particular business context demands a combination of broader perspective and specific knowledge that can only be achieved in a confidential dialogue of peers

6.High network of Thought leaders:

The C-Suite HNI's is spread beyond the boundaries of the states. They get an opportunity to connect with all the CxO's members across the globe.

We offers Business, Social and Personal networks:

Business Network:

Members' develop business contact under this network and get opportunities to discuss their business issues globally. Global network works through various meetings which are attended by executive members from different industry, countries, annual retreats etc.

Social Network:

This network comprises of members who come together to address community issues collectively and also help other members to adopt and institutionalise social code of business. We follows a Corporate Responsibility Program and encourages participation of its members in the program.

Personal Network:

This network allows members to interact with each other at personal level through events like Breakfast and Dinner meets, ETL Talks and other events.

1.Great Speaker Conversations

We organises interactive sessions on business issues with the objective of keeping its members updated on the latest business issues and provide them a platform to interact with renowned experts and speakers on the subject.

2.Business Delegations to other countries:

Raise Global takes business delegations to other countries with the objective to provide an international business networking platform to its members and an opportunity to learn from CxOs of other countries.

The delegation members meet the key business players in that country like Government officials, leading CxOs, Chamber of Commerce representatives, Indian Embassy officials etc. There would be extra charges applicable on the same.


Our Conferences help individuals and organizations prepare for the complex and uncertain world that they face in business interactions, both in India and internationally. Leaders of organizations, both in the private sector and in public enterprises, have a duty to provide direction, inspire and motivate the future generation of leaders.

4.Annual Retreats

Drawing on the experience of people who have functioned successfully in leading positions in diverse sectors, our annual conferences seek to identify the personal and organizational capacities that leaders will need and the steps that organizations can take to build these capacities throughout the enterprise.

5.Round Tables and Meets:

In our Round Tables and Meets, we bring together peer-level executives in, dynamic, cross-industry groups to learn from each other's experiences and discuss common themes in a conducive and confidential environment. Participants have access to benchmarking, industry insights, and best practices to help shape strategic decisions.

6.Special Membership for the spouses :

This benefit is applicable only for We-Lead initiatives. We provide a platform to members' spouses through We Lead to network with each other through several programs and interactive sessions specially designed for them. This network gives them a platform to interact with each other and understand the career pressures of their spouses. The Spouses take lead in the Community development programs of the We Lead. They are not permitted to attend the conferences or meet.

7.A range of specially negotiated products and services

Chosen specifically and exclusively for Raise Global members our Preferred Programme benefits help with making insurance, travel services, health plans and more as easy as possible.

Membership Investment:

Institutional Membership: (Group) – Four Nominations:

To Qualify as Institutional member, the organization should be functioning, in the field concerned. The membership is extended for 3 CXO's of the company. :

You can nominate and 3 executives from your Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, HR&IR functions, IT and Delivery ,Women Leaders or any other Senior executive:

In India: Fee: Rs.1,50,000/- + 18% taxes per year (Based in India) Outside India : 5000$ +taxes:

Institutional Membership: One Function – One Nomination :


In India : Membership for companies based out of India is based on an annual renewable fee of Rs 50,000 plus service tax @ 18% :

Outside India : Membership for companies based out of India is base on annual renewable fee of 2000$ plus service tax @18%:

Partner Membership: :

To Qualify as Partner member, the organization should be functioning, in the field concerned. The membership is extended for 1 CXO's of the company. :

You can attend any 6 meets during the year across India, from the following functions - Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Procurement, HR&IR functions, IT and Delivery ,Women Leaders or any other meets/conferences which are conducted by Raise Global. :

In India: Fee: Rs.1,00,000/- + 18% taxes per year (Based in India) Outside India : 5000$ +taxes:

Period of membership: :

The period of membership is for 1 year, it need to be renewed on a yearly basis. A Member Must necessarily comply with the Code of Professional Conduct and the applicable conditions and qualifications for membership, and shall pay such Annual subscription/Life subscription, and other fees (if any) appropriate to his particular category of Membership. The fees will be prescribed by, or will be in accordance with, Raise Global's bye-laws. :

Certificate: :

Certificate of membership will be issued, once the membership category is decided and the due payment is received. :

Code of professional Conduct: :

All Members will be required to subscribe to the Raise Global Code of Professional Conduct:

Raise Global, as a responsible corporate citizen, expects Members to conduct themselves ethically and follow good practices in their professional dealings. Towards this, we expect them to :

The Code is applicable to members of all types and size of organization. :

Objective of membership:

Our Commitment to you as a member: :

Terms and Conditions:
I have fully understood the Code of Conduct, Terms and conditions of Raise Global, and would abide by the same.

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