CEO Leadership Forum

The RG CEO Forum is a gathering of the most influential business leaders invited with a key focus on powerful networking, numerous business opportunities, to international business trends and more, captivating presentations will provide actionable takeaways to enhance your business. It forms as a hub for all the latest news and trends from people with real-life experience and knowledge..

CFO Leadership Forum

Get to meet the financial experts , industry innovators, thought leaders and internationally recognized CFOs of leading organizations of the region as emerging trends are predicted, best practices with the broader strategic and leadership challenges of managing the modern-day corporate finance function. Recognizing that the role of the CFO goes well beyond mere accounting/controllership, we try to draws upon the intellect and experience of I most authoritative CFOs, thought/opinion leaders and policymakers.

CMO Leadership Forum

The RG CMO Leadership Forum is a one-of-a-kind strategic partnership of marketing and Sales professionals which champions the common interests of all the disciplines across the full spectrum of marketing communications and sales growth - from advertisers to media to direct marketing - as well as sales and operations practitioners.

CPO Forum

RG CPO Leadership forum represents a wide spectrum of professionals engaged in various facets of supply chain, Procurement, purchase, logistic, travel, facility, materials management, responsible for planning, sourcing and logistics under supply chain concepts, with the objective to secure a wider recognition and promote the importance of efficient procurement in commercial and industrial undertakings; to safeguard and elevate the professional status of individuals engaged in various fields related to supply chain.

CIO Forum

In the coming years , CIOs will see the utilize the digitalized products and service, which drive new forms of growth in revenue, business value and opportunities to engage with customers and will be responsible to lead your organization to the next level. RG CIO Leadership Forum prepares you for your new job as a growth leader. Gain the inspiration, leadership skills and strategic ideas you need to succeed in this new era.